Who is Mother Duck?

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening!

Who – I am Mother Duck or as my friends know me… Aimee! I am a 26 year old new mum to my little girl Amelia! I’m currently on maternity leave but I am hoping to soon be back in the classroom as a primary school teacher! At the moment I’m enjoying being a full time mummy (whilst working on my aloe Vera business when Amelia’s naps or daddy’s home!) and I also help run a local dance team with my mum and sister! I am known for always wanting to try new ideas, my creative side, organisation of lots of things and also injuring myself… a lot! Hopefully you’ll get to know me more as the weeks pass!

What – Posts about pregnancy, motherhood, life as a teacher, reviews, tips and an honest look as life as a mummy!

Where – We are based in sunny (sort of) Bolton and have lived here most of my life! Apart from the 3 years I was at university when I was based at Edge Hill in Ormskirk!

Why – I’ve always wanted to start a blog but never known what to write! Until I fell pregnant… pregnancy was hard! Motherhood is harder!! There’s so many people out there sharing their ‘tips’ and sometimes I honestly think there are lies thrown in! It is not glamorous, being a stay at home mum is not easy & it involves lots of tears! So I’m hoping to share my honest outlook on life! I’ll look back at pregnancy, share my tips and reviews and throw some general lifestyle posts in too (&& hopefully some holidays!!!)

Let me know what you want to hear about & let’s go on this journey together!

Mother Duck xx

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