Can you plan a trip to Disney in 3 weeks??

Well the answer is yes and no!

Friday 3rd June 2016… our wedding day! One of the happiest days of my life and the start of the next chapter! We’d asked for money towards a honeymoon so on Monday 6th June we headed to the Trafford Centre and over to Thomas Cook.

We looked at various holidays from a beach holiday, city break and then we asked a simple question… could we afford Orlando on our budget? We wanted to go in three and a half weeks so it was a big ask and we weren’t sure if it would be possible. Lets see if this answers your question of could we….

WE COULD AFFORD IT!! WE WERE GOING TO DISNEY!!!! Oh and Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Seaworld and Busch Gardens… but DISNEY!!! Now the tricky part… could we pack, plan and organise ourselves in 3 weeks (and i also needed to finish off my PGCE!)

Well I managed to finish my PGCE and passed all whilst trying to plan our HONEYMOON! We booked all our park tickets, sorted flights, hotel and started to pack! So yes it is possible to book a trip to Disney and arrive just 3 weeks later!


I am a HUGE Disney addict who loves all things Disney and if I knew then what I knew now I would not of booked a last minute trip to Orlando….


Fastpasses – Yes we were able to get fastpasses for rides we wanted to go on BUT not all rides. When you book Disney tickets you can book fastpasses 60 days in advance and the best rides (Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Frozen) get booked up on the day! Same goes with restaurant reservations!

Location – Our hotel was basic… all the on property hotels were booked up so we ended up in a very basic hotel on international drive. Never again.

Packing – We couldn’t plan our outfits, Disneybound, buy our own ears etc etc. Something i would definitely do next time! We did though have our hubby and wifey t-shirts which we wore in the airport.

Spends – We had spends and anything we wanted we bought the majority of the time. If we ever go back (actually when) I’ll be putting a lot more away and making sure we can take part in even more experiences and I can finally get my Pandora bracelet ❤

So it is possible to book a trip away and we had the holiday of a lifetime!! Every single moment was magical and we didn’t want to leave the little bubble we had created. All it has meant is that we need to go back AND this time we can take our little girl and it will be even more magical! For now here’s some pictures that sum up the most amazing two weeks and the holiday of a lifetime…

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