Running a dance team πŸ–€πŸ’›

I’ve always had a passion for dance. Ever since I was young and I have taken dance classes since I was 11, so 15 years now! From the age of 15 I began assisting my teachers with the younger lessons, which I absolutely loved!

From here I went on to study performing arts at college and dance and drama at Edge Hill University. As I entered my final year at uni we (me, my sister and my mum) were approached by good friends who were also about to head off to begin their studies. They were approaching us as at the time they ran a majorette team and knew we were not part of any teams at the time. The team would unfortunately have to fold if nobody could take over with the training and everyday running of the team… of course we said yes!

And their it was, we were now part of a team again but this time with much more responsibility! We have trained and danced with Sally’s Rocking Rebels Majorettes for 6 years now and I cannot believe how much not just the team has grown and developed but us as trainers and dancers!

Our first year was focused on community performances and we had never really thought about entering competitions but moving into our second year we decided we needed more of a challenge! It was most definitely a challenge but our first year we danced with BTDA and came out with baby section of the year and we absolutely loved it! From here we moved to a new association and our current one, GBBTA!

This was a whole different ball game and the standard was ALOT higher but we were up for the challenge! In our first year we were awarded ‘most improved troupe of the year’ and have again just been awarded this for the 2017 season! Our trainers love attending seminars and training and have done this with both GBBTA and BMSA, constantly wanting to better ourselves so that we can feed this through to the dancers.

I will never ever bore of seeing the smiles on and off the arena from all the team and the friendships made within the team. Some of my closest friends have been made in the dance world and without dance we would never of met!!

However as well as the countless highs there are also lows and stresses and tears… people come and people go… I have myself been part of another team before training the rebels and will openly thank my old trainer for teaching me the basics of twirl. They now train is a completely different style to us and you cannot fault the dedication to the sport. But I love majorettes, I love the team side, I love the weekends away and constantly building on feedback throughout the season. I thank the judges and officials at the associations we are part of for helping me grow as a trainer and the dancers of all ages who we have had the pleasure to teach. Every single decision that is made by the trainers is done with the kids at the forefront. We see the scorecards, we know the children as dancers, we can see struggles, we see the potential. I give up not just 4 hours a week at the training hall but countless hours at home and wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had lots of dancers come through the door and we still have them today and we have had dancers come for a week, a few months, a season, a couple of seasons but every single dancer has helped make the rebels what they are today. Every little knock only makes us stronger and we love seeing dancers whether they are with us or moved onto new ventures grow! They are what matters and as long as they are happy, we will be too.

Running a dance team can be hard but beyond all that it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and cannot wait to see where the future takes us and how far we can grow. This is only the beginning and the future is bright!

Dream, Believe, Achieve ❀

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