What’s in my hospital bag?

I had a love hate relationship with my hospital bag!! I packed it, i unpacked it and then i packed it again and i unpacked it again… that pattern went on for a while… basically until I went in on the Monday with reduced movements and my Mum had to go home for my bag because they were keeping me in…

So where did I start??


I felt that stuff for baby was the easiest place to start and pretty much straight forward! I have both family and friends who have had babies ranging in weight… from tiny 4lb babies to 9/10lb babies! SO I decided I would pack my list in both tiny baby, first size and newborn… over the top organised I know but that is just how I am! For baby I made sure i packed 2/3 of each basic incase we had to stay in or we had a poo/sick explosion ,which happened multiple times in the first night!!! I packed bibs, hats, babygrows, vests and then a going home outfit. Then I packed a pack of baby wipes, small pack of pampers nappies (22 size 1s), comforter, blanket, dummies (tried not to use them, lasted 1 hour on my own) and two starter packs of milk as requested by the hospital as I have opted to bottle feed. Baby was sorted!

Now onto me… this was a completely different ball game! I had no idea where to start so I turned to youtube and some of my favourite vloggers for inspiration! As well as asking on good old Facebook!

The BEST tip I found from Georgia Jones on youtube was to pack everything into large sandwich bags! Once you have done this label each bag and then anyone who needs to grab something whilst you are in hospital will know exactly where to look! I did this for both me and baby, we had:

  • Tiny Baby Clothes
  • First Size Clothes
  • Newborn Clothes
  • Labour Essentials (face cloth, hand held fan, lip balm, pillow, bobbles, hair clips, flip flops, cosy socks)
  • Snacks & drinks (starburst, haribo, lucozade sport, water bottle)
  • Painkillers and Dads Bag (whatever he wanted in there haha)
  • Toiliteries (toothbrush, toothpaste, showergel)
  • Lady Bits (LARGE maternity pads, thinner but LONGER pads)
  • Electricals (phone, ipad, chargers, headphones)

I then had my clothes which included two nighties, underwear (BIG UNDERWEAR), slippers, pyjamas, leggings and tops to go home in, dressing gown (& it should of had a towel but i forgot)! Make sure you pack dark pyjamas… I didn’t do this and had a lovely leakage moment… not fun!

The final thing to sort was the actual bag we were going to use! Most of Amelia’s stuff went in her changing bag apart from the clothes which went into my bag. The bag i opted to use was a disney store small suitcase which i borrowed off my sister. It had a large zip compartment inside which I could put all babies clothes in and my stuff could go in the rest. It was also a lifesaver to move around as it was on four wheels! Could not recommend a cabin sized suitcase on wheels enough!

Looking back we did probably over pack but I would rather be too organised and have more than we need, especially as I ended up staying in for so many days! So I did use 75% of the stuff I took for myself, it was baby i over packed for! If you have any other questions about packing a hospital bag, I’ve missed something or you can think of another must have, leave a comment and share this with any mums to be ❤

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