Matilda – Manchester Palace Theatre (5/11/18)

On Monday evening myself, Mum & the bestie Danielle went to the Palace to watch Matilda! As always the staff at the theatre were lovely and were able to swap our seats due to Mums back going again over the weekend! We had the cheaper seats towards the back of the stalls but still a fantastic view!

This was the second time I have watched the show (first for Mum and Danielle) as Liam took me to London early 2017 to watch it on the west end!

I don’t think I will ever tire of this show! The talent of such young children is outstanding and the confidence and performance skills is on par with a much older, more experienced actor! Revolting children & the school song were personal favourites and I love how the younger and older actors interact together to show the different school years!

I hope Amelia has as much sass and attitude as the young Matilda did when performing Naughty when she is older! Such amazing stage presence! I need to bottle it up for when I’m competing at dance competitions!

As well as the children the older actors were first class! I love the characters of both Trunchbull and Miss Honey! We all definitely know a Miss Honey and we also unfortunately also know people with traits of the trunch but luckily I don’t think I ever had a teacher who was that bad!

All in all I would give this performance a solid 5 stars and would go and watch it again and again and again! We also enjoyed striking our best Matilda poses both in and out the theatre! We couldn’t resist!

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