Our first Halloween and Bonfire Night ðŸŽƒðŸ”¥

At five months old we weren’t going to be rushing out the house to go trick or treating or be attending any parties! But we could dress up, play with pumpkins and create some memories as a family. This Halloween we had bought Amelia and my niece BCharlotte matching outfits and they blooked absolutely adorable. No doubt their Hogwarts letters will be arriving in the post in the near future. After we visited my sisters Charlotte went off to a party with her best friend Olivia and then out trick or treating and we answered the door to the trick or treaters. Aren’t some of the outfits that people can get nowadays amazing! It is a huge step up from a witches dress, hat and broom or a vampire costume you got when I was little. Even the treats are better and you can get a much larger variety!

When we were smaller we were always told to only go to houses with a pumpkin, decorated or people we knew! So that meant that me and Liam needed to carve pumpkins. I have no idea how anyone does all these fancy designs you see on social media, but I don’t think it helped that I left it until the 30th to buy a pumpkin… never the less we got to work and they did their job! Amelia loved helping out and playing with the inside of the pumpkin as well! It was like our very own messy play/sensory session in the living room!

Once Halloween was out the way it was onto Bonfire Night! We had already been to a display at Horwich RMI at the beginning of half term and we watched from the warmth of the club through the window. We went with our friends Theo & Lauren and both the babies seemed to enjoy themselves. For this reason we decided to go to another display at Little Hulton Cricket Club over the Bonfire weekend with Mum, Liz & Charlotte. We enjoyed the fair (well Charlotte dragged Liz onto rides as she was too small to go on her own) and then we enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks!

Amelia loves fireworks, it must be all the different colours, and the noise doesn’t bother her one bit. However Charlotte is a bit unsure so we will have to try again next year! But she did love the rides and the bonfire so it wasn’t a complete disaster. The display was as good as can be in the weather conditions and it was lovely to spend the evening as a family. We opted out of setting our own fireworks off this year as I was out on actual bonfire night but maybe next year we can consider this. It is a lovely celebration but the thing I get most excited for when these two days are out of the way are… my birthday and CHRISTMAS!! Let the first Christmas preparations begin…

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