Writing a bucket list!

Whilst out with my Dad earlier this week at Manchester Airports viewing area we got talking about things on our bucket list. I’ve always had a couple of ideas of things I want to do during my life but never wrote an actual list! So here it goes…

1) Visit New York

2) Visit Las Vegas

3) Stay on property at Walt Disney World

4) Fly first/business class

5) Raise a significant amount for charity

6) Go to Disney at Halloween

7) Go to Disney at Christmas

8) Learn sign language

9) Attend D23

10) See a musical on Broadway

11) Watch the olympics

12) Buy our own house

13) Eat pizza or pasta in Italy

14) Give blood

15) Take my children to Lapland

16) Visit Disneyland California

17) Have a dance group for 10 years

18) Write a children’s book

19) Go on a Disney cruise

20) Live to work not work to live

I’m sure some of these will happen and I’ll check them off quite easily! Others may never happen but they’re all things I can work towards and look forward too!

Some things I’ve already done that I would of put on and some I’m working towards! I love my little life and anything off this list is a bonus and an extra memory for me!

What are your dreams & goals for life? Why not share them and if you’ve not created a bucket list then give it a go!

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