Labour… the good, the bad and the ugly!

Before you read this blog be warned that it’s a very honest and open story about my labour… hence the name.

In simple form…

GOOD – Our beautiful baby girl Amelia

BAD – complications

UGLY – stitches.

Now let’s go into more detail and start from Monday 22nd May…


This is my first baby so I had no idea what a contraction would actually feel like! I’d been on various walks for the last week since we were enjoying a gorgeous spring/summer to try and get it all started. I’d also tried pineapple, curries and everything else people suggest! I had actually began to get the odd pain but nothing like anyone had explained to me so little did I know i’d actually started off in slow labour…

This went on for a week, A WHOLE WEEK and I didn’t realise!! I’d rang my Mum a few times asking for advise but the pains kept coming and going so I thought nothing of it!

IMG_9363Fast forward to Monday 28th May -> -> -> -> me and Mum were meant to be going to the themed quiz at the pub which Liam worked at, however Bean had decided she’d scare Mummy and didn’t really move that day. So like I always did, we rang maternity triage up at the hospital and they asked us to come in. Little miss was very good at kicking and doing some sort of gymnastics routine as soon as I was hooked up to the monitors… this is where she got the nickname drama queen from!! Whilst I was there the midwife offered me a stretch and sweep, since I was having one the next day at my midwife appointment anyway. They had already mentioned at this point that I was possibly already in labour as I have small spikes in the heart rate. Then I heard it…

“Wow, did you know you’re already 3cm dilated!” 

No. No I didn’t. Cue a doctor and a consultant coming to examine me and read through my notes to decide what to do next. Due to my multiple reduced movements they decided that I wouldn’t be going home and that my waters were going to be broken the next day… Crap. It all just got very real!

So, Mum headed off home to pick up all my bags (and an extra list of things since I didn’t expect to be in this early) and I made my way up to the antenatal ward. The sweep definitely worked as that night the contractions stepped up a gear and between that and constant monitoring I got very little sleep! Instead I caught up on Corrie, BGT and RuPauls Drag Race on my Ipad.

Tuesday morning came and a very panicked Liam arrived, who had also had 0 sleep and last he’d seen me I was bouncing on my birthing ball whilst watching RuPual… not in full blown labour! We waited around until 6.30pm… strong contractions, demanded stronger painkillers, had multiple baths and been let down multiple times for a spare bed on delivery… when we finally got the go ahead to go down! This may have been more down to the fact I was crying on a bed, painkillers weren’t touching the sides and I needed gas and air. We got down there and my waters were popped… well the little water that there was! I’d been saying all the way through I must have been all baby as my bump was so little and I wasn’t wrong!

From this point the contractions really stepped up a gear! WOW! Gas and air became my best friend and at around 10pm I was given a diamorphine injection… i then slept…Yes i slept until it was time to push, only waking up for a puff on the gas and air which Mum and Liam took turns to pass over to me!

At around 5am I was fully dilated and it was time to get this baby out! I pushed for an hour and 15 minutes but no baby yet. I had said from the beginning that I did not want a C section but I asked for one but baby was to far down into the birth canal so it wasn’t possible. By this stage I had extra midwives, 2 baby doctors and a doctor in the room and we were ready to try a ventouse.  The problem was that normally contractions will be almost instant , however mine had dropped to around 4/5 minutes apart so little miss was wriggling back a little after every push. This then also made the ventouse extremely difficult so it was time for forceps… I was now in a room with Liam, Mum, 3 midwives, 2 baby doctors, a doctor and now the consultant. Nothing is ever easy.

06.58am, Miss Amelia Ruby Duckers arrived weighed 7lb 11oz and I would say she was pushed but it was more of a pull…

This did result in a lot of blood loss and lovely stitches… that’s the ugly part I was on about before and at the time I never thought i’d get over the pain!! I have (sort of) and I would do it all again but not in a hurry! I will never forget the moment we were introduced to our little girl and all the pain, tears and stress were worth it ❤



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