Heathers – Theatre Royal Haymarket (16/11/18)

Last Friday me and my friend Danielle had a genius (but rather crazy) idea to go to London to see Heathers IN A DAY!! Here’s how our day went…

8am and we were sat in Bolton bus station waiting for what would be a SIX HOUR coach journey to London! The coach journey was as exciting as 6 hours sat on a coach can be but in no time we had made the 200 mile journey down south! First stop Primark!!

It’s a good job we weren’t staying overnight as I could of easily bought the whole Disney & Harry Potter sections (let alone the baby clothes for Amelia) but I resisted and came out with some jumpers and a Mickey bauble advent calendar!

From here we strolled gown Oxford St and it really is beautiful at Christmas time and of course we popped into the Disney store and I resisted all urges to buy anything! But I did take some cute pictures in there.

We spent the next couple of hours strolling around taking in the sights and Christmas lights and even stopped for a delicious mulled cider at Leicester squares Christmas markets! I couldn’t believe it was actually cheaper and not as busy as Manchester’s, just a shame it’s so far away so I can’t bring Liam and Amelia!

Now onto Heathers! WOW WOW WOW!! It was AMAZING! I’d listened to a bit of the soundtrack before we’d come and knew some of the story but nothing could prepare me for what we were about to experience!

I’ve seen a lot and I mean A LOT of not just musical theatre but theatre performances from dance to physical theatre! This was something else! The atmosphere is the theatre from the moment we entered was electric! People singing beforehand, the reaction the audience gave during the show and finally the outstanding curtain call!

Every single actor blew me away. I laughed and I cried and fell in love with a musical that I didn’t really know much about. Now anyone who knows me will know how much I adore Carrie Hope Fletcher and I regulary watch her vlogs and follow her on all social media platforms! Carrie was the original reason we had booked our trip but we had seen that she’s been quite unwell recently! Being from a performing arts background ourselves we knew how challenging performing whilst under the weather can be.

You would of had no idea Carrie had any sort of infection in her throat. Her performance was phenomenal!! She is like a real life superwoman! Some of my personal favourite moments were Beautiful, Seventeen Reprise & Dead Girl Walking!

It’s such a shame though because when this blog is live the show will have 2 days left and will more than likely be sold out. Let’s just keep everything crossed that in the future it will return and maybe even tour!! I know that Liam would love to see it and there is no doubt that I want to go again. Still on a high, even after the coach journey home from hell… never again! Seeing the show was 100% worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat (but I’d get a hotel next time).

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