What’s in my bag… changing bag addition!

We cannot leave the house without Amelia’s changing bag, even if it’s just a quick trip to the shops! So this week i’d thought I would share what is in it!

Firstly the bag! I picked up a fantastic bag from Aldi at one of their baby events and I cannot fault it! It’s got a pocket on the side for my bits (purse, phone, lip balm etc) and one end has a bottle insulator and the other a fancy pouch for wipes! It saves digging in your bag for a quick wipe every time!

Now let’s explore inside the bag…

Wipes – Both me and my sister have always used Asda’s Little Angels sensitive skin wipes and I always ensure I have at least a half full pack in my bag.

Nappies – we are lovers of pampers in our house and I will not leave the house without 5 nappies in the bag! I start to panic if I get down to the final 2 when I’m out and about!!

Bottles and milk – self explanatory… to feed her little miss.

Changing Mat – our bag luckily came with one that folds up really small and it’s so handy when we are out and about and need to do a quick change.

Essentials bag – I picked up a small make up bag from Primark and inside it I always carry Calpol, teething gel and colic drops. There is also a nappy cream and some cotton wool just incase.

Teething toy – LIFE SAVER at the moment as little miss has lots of teeth coming through.

Spare dummy – you never know when you might drop it in something or misplace one!!

Hand sanitizer – I’ve got a Forever Living aloe Vera hand sanitizer and I use it before and after nappy changes, feeds and when giving medicine. Especially at this time of year with the amount of bugs going round!

Spare clothes – I always carry a spare vest, baby grow and a spare outfit in my bag. Always handy in case of sick or poo explosions!

Bibs & cloths – You can never have too many, especially with a teething baby.

Toy – I just have a little rattle and Amelia’s comforter in our bag to keep her occupied and entertained when we are out.

Nappy sacks – To get rid of stinky nappies…

Emergency milk – We always have a tub with powered milk in and some cow and gate ready made just incase.

So that’s a quick insight into what is in our changing bag! Hopefully this might help a new mum or give some ideas to other mummy’s! Have you got any must have items which you cannot leave the house without? Share them in the comments and share this blog with someone who may be having a little one very soon!

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