Where has 6 months gone?

Last Friday little miss Amelia turned 6 months old. It’s flown by which I know everyone says but it really has. I’ve been only work nearly 7 months and have just 2 months left of my maternity leave.

She’s nearly mastered sitting up over the last couple of months and she’s having a good go at getting herself ready to crawl. My little 7lb 11oz baby is growing up and fast! As much as I miss my tiny newborn I am loving watching her grow and seeing her personality begin to shine through. She is definitely going to be a diva and keep us on our toes.

Amelia loved her first bonfire night and was memorised by the fireworks. Surprisingly she wasn’t fussed by the loud noises and she loved the colours! It was lovely to wrap up warm and enjoy cuddles by the bonfire and watch the displays with the family.

We’ve had even more firsts this month including TWO FRONT TEETH! My baby girl has teeth and how did I discover this? She bit me whilst I was putting teething gel on. It’s a good job she’s cute as those two teeth are lethal!! It’s a good job she’s got some though as we have begun the weaning journey. I’m going to write a whole post on the weaning journey as it’s a bit of an up and down journey at the moment but we are enjoying exploring different foods and we are slowly getting there!

The biggest milestone for me happened just this weekend though and there will be another tonight. On Saturday night Amelia went into her own room and into her big girl cot. It was the oddest feeling waking up and not seeing her through the mesh of the next to me crib. However she had the biggest smile on her face when I went to get her out of her cot and it really did light up the room. The next milestone is she will be having her first sleepover at my mums tonight! It’s my birthday tomorrow so me and Liam are having a rare evening out with some close friends and a couple of drinks. Now I haven’t had more than one or two drinks since SEPTEMBER 2017!! So no doubt the alcohol will hit me quite quickly so Mums going to look after little miss for the night. Liam has work at 0630 Tuesday so I won’t be getting up for cards and presents at that time Tuesday so I can also enjoy a much needed lie in on my birthday. No doubt I’ll be awake first thing and ringing Mum to bring her back…

Looking forward to the next month and I cannot wait for my first birthday as a mummy and CHRISTMAS!! We’ve already put our tree up and Amelia looks the lights and different colours. I can’t wait to take her to a Christmas party, meet Santa and visit the Christmas Markets. It was already one of my favourite times of the year and this year will be even more magical. I cannot wait to spend it with my closest friends and family and enjoy some time together.

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