Baby classes galore!

I’ve seen my sister and friends with kids already go to various baby and toddler classes before and since I’ve had Amelia. Before I’d had Amelia I was lost in a sea of groups and I had no idea which ones to go to, if I went to any at all that is!

First of all I knew I wanted to Attend a music or sensory group (so I did both), I wanted to go swimming and I also wanted a way to bond with baby. At one point I was at 4 different things a week, plus dancing and actually trying to run a household and have a life… it was TOO MUCH!!

Now I go to a baby class, a toddler group and we go swimming most weeks! I think I’ve got the right balance but it’s taken usb6 months to get there. So here are the classes and activities I’ve tried and my thoughts…

Baby Massage – I attended a 5 week block when Amelia was 4 months old and in my eyes she was too old by this point! Baby massage was a lovely class but she had just discovered rolling over and spent most the class wanting to escape!! Whereas the tiny babies slept or enjoyed a cuddle off their mummies during their massages. It was a lovely way to bond and I got some fantastic tips for sleeping, colic and stomach ache. However I’ve done the class once and if I had another I don’t think I’d sign up again. A fab class with your first and if you can get a block when they really are newborn but something I would give a miss next time.

Pram Walks – Now this was a free group I found on Facebook and it gave me the opportunity to meet lots of different mums. This was more a class for us rather than the babies and it did help drop some of my mummy weight. It was just a shame that the winter months came and we had to stop as I did enjoy the walk round the park every week (and even the squats and various other exercises). If anyone can find a free group of this sort I would recommend going!! The fresh air was brill for us both and the exercise was a bonus for me!!

Sensory – Sensory does what it says in the name… it awakens babies senses. I did enjoy this class but after a while the one we went to got VERY repetitive and not in a good way. I do think we will go back to sensory one day and if I had another baby as well. However we just enjoyed other classes more and could do a lot of the sensory stuff we did at the class at home.

Toddler group – Now this is a new group for me and Amelia but my sister and our friend have been taking the girls for a while now. This class is only round the corner from us and only 50p!! It’s a great class for when she’s a little older and can run off and play but for now she enjoys playing with the girls when they give her attention and a biscuit near the end. We also enjoy picking a song at the end for us all to sing because Amelia LOVES music!

Swimming – We haven’t specifically gone to a class for swimming but I still wanted to give it a mention! Baby swimming is EXPENSIVE!! I was being quoted £10/£15 for a half an hour lesson… so for now I just take Amelia myself. I’ve got a gym membership so it doesn’t cost me any extra to take her every week and she is beginning to love the water. Then once she’s a bit older I’ll take her to lessons but for now 30/45 minutes in the pool with me seems to be doing the trick.

Rhythm time – I’ve saved my favourite class until last! We’ve been coming to rhythm time since Amelia was 3 months old and we both love it! I’ve always enjoying singing and dancing (I did performing arts at both college and uni) and couldn’t wait to share my passion with Amelia. Every week we are up bright and early on a Monday and love singing the songs, playing the instruments, having a dance and just having 30 minutes of fun together. Nearly everything we do can be done in a way at home but we don’t have the amount of instruments and various other items at home. We love this class that much that we are trying to convince Daddy to keep taking Amelia on a Monday when Mummy goes back to work… it’s a working progress… but I highly recommend this class to anyone who has one nearby! They really do go the extra mile for you. We’ve had our own rhythm time journey chart, books and freebies within class. Their is also a chance to buy CDs and other items that are used within classes. Fingers crossed that next month isn’t the last we have of this class and we can continue our journey right up to pre school!

So their is my quick journey of baby classes! There was a few I’d do again and some I’d wish I’d done (like mummy fitness and baby yoga) but being a new mum is all about learning! It doesn’t make you any better or any worse if you attend any classes or not. There are expensive ones and there are free ones, you just need to go out and try them and see what’s best for you and baby. As long as baby is happy and so are you then that is all that matters!

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