Mickey Memories Collection

I did it! After 12 months I completed my Mickey Memories collection!!

To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday the Disney store decided to release a limited edition collection on the 18th of each month. The collection started with the 1910s and Steamboat Willie and then each month represented a different decade. For each decade there was a Mickey plush, a mug and a set of 3 pins. Whilst out shopping in Manchester I stumbled across January’s on a Sunday afternoon and knew it was Liam’s favourite so decided to buy it. When I came home me and Liam looked at the next few months and decided we quite liked the look of quite a few but we couldn’t have half a collection and thats when it began…

February’s was also quite easy to get hold of (they are released at 8am online and available once a store opens) and I managed to get it around dinner time. The ease then stopped. People had began to take an interest into the collection and they began to sell out in MINUTES online!! This was now a race to finish the collection! I managed luckily to get March and April before I started work but then disaster struck in May. Well a near disaster as luckily I was one week from my due date and had already started my maternity leave. I logged on at 7.55am to get the Mickey plush when… SOLD OUT. So the crazy Disney obsessed side of me threw some clothes on, got in the car and drove to the trafford centre. Then at 39 weeks pregnant I stood and queued for 2 hours but I got it. The store usually got around 50 Mickey plushes and that month I was 45th in the queue.

I quite enjoyed the queue at Trafford as it was great to talk to fellow Disney fans and I didn’t have to wait for Mickey to come or pay postage. Therefore I continued to queue for June, July & August! This time I found myself 30th, 32nd and 35th in the queue. I left a very little Amelia at home for June but everyone loved meeting her (and Liam) for July and August.

We’d been told that they would be releasing more online from September so we decided to take the risk and it paid off and September Mickey was on its way. One of my favourites as I am a 90s baby! For October they were releasing not one, not two but THREE plushes which included the regular Mickey Memories and then a small and HUGE gold Mickey for his birthday. We opted to get the small Mickey and our usual Mickey Memories so went down to the store and got them… just two more to go!

For November I opted for online again due to a delightful sickness bug hitting the Duckers household but thanks to the increased amount available we didn’t struggle to get it. Then December came around and I did really want to go and queue for one final time but tiredness won after a busy birthday week but I did it, I got the final Mickey, and my collection was complete. For now they are being displayed on a book shelf at home and I cannot wait to pass them onto Amelia in the future. Its lovely to finish a collection and it be something that means so much to me, Disney have a very special place in my heart.

And just when i thought the collecting and stress was over… Disney have annouced their Wisdom collection!! I instantly fell in love with the sneak peeks on instagram but think I may go for pins instead this time as I’ve no idea where another 12 plushes will go but we will see! Watch this space (and my instagram!).

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