New Year’s Resolutions

Every year around the 31st January you will see one status over and over again plastered all over social media… NEW YEAR NEW ME!

Well it is a new year but I don’t want a new me this year… I am going to make sure I look after the old me and make sure I start doing more stuff for me. I have absolutely loved becoming a Mummy but I need to also remember that I am not just Amelia’s Mummy, I am Aimee! I may act slightly different but that’s because I’ve got my little girl to care for and protect. If people don’t like it they don’t need to be involved in our lives… positive vibes only!

So I am going to make myself 5 promises for new year and we can call these resolutions if we want. Every promise is going to improve the current me and make sure that both myself, my friends and my family all enjoy life to the full!

  1. Ensure that I keep up with my health and fitness! Eat more fruit, cook more homecook meals and carry on attending the gym!
  2.  Spend more time as a family, just me, Liam and Amelia. No phones, no distractions, just the three of us and just some simple quality family time. My husband and daughter are my world and no one will put me down for caring as much as I do!
  3. Find a job that I enjoy…live to work not work to live!
  4. Build even closer bonds with friends and family and create even more memories! Try new stuff together, spend more evenings together, have fun but don’t feel the need to spend money.
  5. Try and tick something off my bucket list!!!

Most of these may look quite generic but my mental health hasn’t been where it has in the past and I need to stop worrying. Hopefully by keeping these promises to myself I will feel like the old me (and maybe even a little bit new) but I think i’m going to go for NEW YEAR UPDATED ME ❀

Happy new year guys! Heres to an amazing 2019! Let me know what your resolutions are this year!

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