The start of our story

Me and Liam have known each other since we were 14 and went out for the odd week/month from being 14-16. At one point we hated each other and you couldn’t even put us in a room together! However whilst preparing for our GCSE’s we began to realise how much we did actually like each other and having the same teachers for various subjects meant to could revise together… well attempt too!

Liam did actually ask me to go out with him a number of times but me being the stubborn person I can be kept saying no until our exams were over and we had officially finished school. I bet he thought that was it and I was just trying to avoid us getting back together after many failed attempts of a relationship. However towards the end of June I organised a group trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach to celebrate finishing our exams. For most of the day we avoided each other and did the typical teenager thing of not admitting to anyone that we did actually like each other and were pretty nasty to each other for most of the day. That was until we were made to sit next to each other on a rocket ride. It sounds like something from a Disney film but it was that moment I think we both realised we needed to stop pretending and actually admit that we liked each other!

So that night when we got home Liam rang me and we officially became a couple and the rest well you can probably guess that we’re still very much a couple. We’re now a married couple with a baby and this was the start of lots of fun filled years! Watch out for the next chapter in the Mr & Mrs Duckers story… our engagement!

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