Things nobody tells you…

During both pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mum there are various things that nobody tells you. There are also things that you hear countless times and they never actually happen or are just common sense. For example ‘get all the sleep you can now, you won’t get any when the baby comes’ but have you tried getting sleep when you work full time and have an extremely active baby all night. I was given lots of advice, some good, some bad, some useful and some completely useless but then there is also some stuff I wish people had been honest about. Here is a very open and honest look into the stuff nobody told me.

  1. Morning sickness does not just occur in the morning it should be called all day, every day, 24/7 sickness! It was not nice and made even the simplest of tasks hard and is also not always actual sickness but just the CONSTANT feeling.

2. The fear and worry throughout pregnancy. Reduced movements and fearing the  worst or just not feeling yourself. However the moment you hear that heartbeat or see baby on the screen again and every bit of worry and fear melts away.

3. Infections are labour. I didn’t feel too bad after having Amelia so I went to watch my dance team train, walks with Liam to the pub for dinner, visited a dance competition for a morning and helped around the house all within the first 4 days. This was a huge mistake and on the 5th day I developed a nasty infection in my stitches and ended up basically bed bound or sat on a cushion for the next 2 weeks. My advice is           listen to the midwives and health visitors!

4. Everyone will suddenly become an expert in how to care for you child. Dont be afraid to tell people no.

5. The same goes for visitors! So many people will want to come for the first couple of weeks but most will not come again. If you partner only gets the two weeks paternity this is very precious time, say no and enjoy it as a family.

6. The hormones!! You expect to be extra hormonal whilst you are pregnant but nothing prepares you for afterwards. Amelia is now 7 months old and I now find I get emotional at different things and things touch you in different ways. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the emotion.

7. Iron tablets. I did not even begin consider that I would lose so much blood during my labour and end up on iron tablets. I felt like I could of opened my own pharmacy the first two weeks after giving birth. I did expect this a little bit but what I didn’t expect is 6 months later to be back at the doctors after constant tiredness, dizziness and headaches and being diagnosed as anaemic. Hopefully a few months on iron tablets and my body should sort itself out but its all a waiting game.

8. Constant doubt. Constant questioning.

We are all doing an amazing job!! As long as our babies have smiles on their faces, they are clean, fed, warm and loved we are doing a good job! I don’t think people tell us these things as they don’t want to scare us and they also don’t happen to everyone. Its one hell of an adventure becoming parents but its one I would happily do again so it can’t be that bad can it?

Is there anything you weren’t told and you wish you had been? Or something you’d like to share with anyone who is soon to be a parent? Share is caring!

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