Let it go!

Last week we were lucky enough to get some snow or as my niece likes to call it snowman! Well she isn’t wrong and both her and Amelia enjoyed some time playing in the snow. We wrapped up warms in our coats, snowsuits, wellies, hats, scarves and gloves and out we went.

We did only venture out into the garden but I think was that enough for little Amelia. Bless her little cotton socks she really was confused but wouldn’t you be if you’d never seen snow before?

Charlotte was in her element and loved the crunching sound her feet made as she walked along the untouched snow. Amelia on the other hand just sat there in her snowsuit and took it all in. That was until she managed to get her glove off and touch the snow… SHE WENT INTO MELTDOWN MODE! Snow is cold. Snow must feel even colder on teeny tiny fingers. This did not stop Amelia slamming her hand into the pile next to her not once, not twice but three times! She must of just been checking that it was actually cold and making sure she didn’t like it.

Despite Amelia’s mini meltdown once she was cuddled up in my arms she was happily watching Charlotte play and eat the snow… I’ve warned her about yellow snow! We then did our best Elsa impressions and when the snow began to fall again we shouted snowman a lot. My neighbours must of thought we were absolutely bonkers but we were having fun so who cares.

Our fun in the snow came to an end when Amelia was happy to go back down and sit in the snow but Charlotte then decided to join her. She didn’t have a big thick snowsuit on so her bottom half became very cold and wet very quickly so off we went inside, popped our cold, damp clothes on the radiators to dry and snuggled under a blanket and watched frozen. Now to hope we get some really thick snow like the winter of 2010 and we can all have snow days at home, make actual snowmen and go sledging!

Did anyone else enjoy the snow last week? How did your little ones react when they first got to experience snow?

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