Disney 2019 – Flying with a baby!

Last week we went on our first family holiday to Disneyland Paris which meant our first ever flight with Amelia. Most people who know me will know that I am a really bad flyer and would avoid flying if I didn’t love holidays so much. This worried me as I did not want this to affect how Amelia was on the flight. Before we get onto the actual plane let’s start at the beginning and our experience pre flight…

We flew with Easyjet from Manchester which was also another first for us. Check it was all done on machines by yourself but the only difference for us was we had to go and get a tag put onto our pram. From here we were directed to the assistance lane at security as we had the pram and baby milk which needed to be scanned and tested. I cannot thank the staff at security enough as they kept us smiling when my bag and coat had to go through 3 times… unfortunately for us though there was one lane open for anyone with prams and wheelchairs and a lot of them so it did take us a while to get through. This was just bad timing but the staff still made the process straight forward and told us what needed to go where.

Then into departures. We flew from terminal one which had plenty of seating, shopping, places to eat and drink as well as facilities to heat baby food/milk and changing facilities. Normally we would fly as peak time and have seen it a lot busier so we may have just fallen lucky. There was also a good boots store incase anyone ever forgets essentials for the baby. Around an hour into our wait it was time to board and leave plane spotting behind.

I have been told that some airlines allow families to board first but this was not the case with EasyJet. However Amelia was not happy to be made to sit on our knee so I’m glad we were one of the last to board! We were able to take the pram all the way to the steps at the plane which made life a lot easier and the crew were extremely helpful upon boarding. They helped us to put on the baby seatbelt and directed us to all the baby facilities on board.

Liam offered to have Amelia on his knee on the trip over as I dislike flying and we didn’t know how either of us would be. We luckily had no one sat next to us or in front of us. I say lucky because Amelia spent the first 25 minutes screaming and not because of her ears or the experience of flying. She screamed purely because she did not want to be sat down! We also had exactly the same experience on the way home, we even tried sitting her with me, but she did settle quicker on the way home. We had been told to feed her on take off and this seemed to help and then she sucked on her dummy. My advice to anyone though is keep calm!! On the outbound trip I was crying, panicking, wishing the ground would swallow me up and she was much harder to settle. Whilst on the way home I stayed much calmer and she went to sleep much quicker. I also found having Amelia sat with me helped with my own fears as I had to stay calm for her.

Liam offered to change her during the flight and said the facilities were good just small! So be prepared to change in a tight space of needed. I would also recommend lots of things on stand by to entertain the baby if they wake. It really did help us for the 15 minutes we had a very awake baby on the journey there. Also be prepared for both hot and cold flights as one minute she was boiling and the next minute we needed a blanket on us both.

When you get off the flight be prepared to have to carry the baby until you get to baggage as you will not get your pram back yet. If you’re flying into Paris be prepared to wait a LONG time!! Our prams came out 20 minutes after the luggage which was slightly ridiculous and only families were left waiting with very tired children. However this was not the case in Manchester and the prams came off first, a must better system!

All in all flying was not as stressful as I imagined but it did have its tough times! I would fly again with her and now know what to pack, what to prepare for security and how to try and avoid a meltdown on the plane! Any questions, ask away or even share your own experiences of flying with children. Watch out for the next Disney holiday blog next week!

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