Harry Potter & the Cursed Child – Parts 1 & 2 – 30/01/2019

On Wednesday 30th January me and my sister had a rare day out without the babies. It was a bit touch and go whether we were going to make it as Mother Nature hit the day before and we were graced with snow.

Wednesday morning arrived and we looked outside to see a white blanket covering our streets… great! We dropped both the babies off with our Mum and began to icy drive to Manchester. It took a little longer but we made it to Piccadilly station with 10 minutes to spare. We usually get the Megabus down but since Mum had paid for the theatre tickets we decided to treat ourselves to the train. I will never be going on the bus again! Virgin trains was a dream. We got a table seat both there and back, plugs to charge our phones and the journey went without delay (we even got back 45 minutes early on the return) and I even got some sleep!

We arrived at the theatre 30 minutes before the performance and the queue was around the outside of the whole theatre. We made it to our seats with 5 minutes to spare. We were sat up in the balcony area which was very high and very steep! I would not recommend this area to anyone who is uneasy with heights or struggles to walk a lot as there was a lot of stairs. For the price (£20 for each part) we couldn’t complain and actually had a very good view for 95% of the show.

I think you would struggle to only watch one part of this show. Just the first part and you’ll be left wanting more and wanting to know what happens and part two and you’ll wonder what’s actually going on. Yes most people will have read the book but it’s just not the same. I am a musical theatre sort of girl and don’t normally go to watch plays. I haven’t been to watch a play since I studied performing arts at university but I am so glad I went to watch this.

The use of movement and music throughout both performances helped to move between scenes and staging without the audience noticing sometimes. The use of the gowns helped to add to the atmosphere of the witch and wizard world. So much that me and my sister discussed using them in a dance performance at our own dance school! The music had that Harry Potter feel but with a new twist for this new part of the story, just breathtaking!

When you watch this performance though the thing that puts it out there are the special effects, tricks, magic, whatever you want to call it! The illusions on the stage throughout both the performances really make you think how? My sister managed to work some out but I really was clueless and just living the magic for the 4 hours in the theatre! If you’re a theatre nerd like me you will also love the use of aerial performance during the show. I specialised in physical theatre in my degree and it really made me miss studying at university and not perusing a further career in theatre. This performance brought back my love for the theatre and not just musicals. I will definitely be trying to get to more performances in the future. This was like nothing I have ever seen before and I would highly recommend it to anyone whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not.

If you manage to make the trip to London as well it is also a fantastic opportunity to have a quick shop or sightseeing trip in between the two performances which we took full advantage on. We couldn’t go all the way to London and not visit Primark and the Disney store down there. Now to plan my next theatre adventure, any recommendations?

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