Disney 2019 – Our Disney haul!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Disney merchandise! I have written about collecting Mickey memories in a previous blog and went to queue up for these a week before my due date with Amelia. You can imagine how much I had to resist spending in Paris when we went! We did however treat ourselves to a few bits and Amelia spent some of her christening money on a few bits. Here is our haul from the trip and a breakdown of prices and a little bit more information…

Whilst we were over in Paris it was Mickeys Mouse party for the 90th so we managed to get some merchandise for that which included:

Keyring – €6.99

Large fleece blanket – €10.99 on offer from €19.99 as we spent over €20 euro in the shop

Tsum tsums – €5.99 each

Frames with photos from meet & greet – €25.99 for two

For myself I bought an obligatory magnet (€3.99), a photo album (€16.99) to put our photos in when we got home and a necklace (€17.99) with an eye and small glass Mickey logo on. We then got our niece a Minnie Mouse apron (€9.99) as she loves cooking and arts and crafts so we knew she’d get lots of use out of it. Liam treated himself to two keyrings (€6.99 each) and a thermal cup (€12.99) to take to work with him.

We wanted something that Amelia could keep and we could only get in the parks incase we never return, which is highly unlikely, and a lasting memory for her. We found a stitch dresses as sorcerer Mickey (€15.99) which my sister has tried to claim and a Disneyland Paris snow globe (€6).

Our last and probably biggest purchase of the trip was a park exclusive pandora charm! Amelia received a pandora bracelet for her christening which is already filled with generic Disney charms from the shop. However I’d read our ones that are exclusive to the park so we headed to the shop over in the studios armed with money from her Grandad to treat her to a charm. When we got there we found a perfect first visit charm and lucky for us (well my dad) it was €39 down from €55. It looks perfect on her bracelet and hopefully there will be more trips to add more park exclusive charms onto it!

So that is our haul from the parks! Considering we were only there for 2 days we managed to get a fair amount but a lot was paid for with Christmas and christening money. We decided we would rather spend it in the parks than stuff at home. Now to get saving for our next trip… fingers crossed we can get to Orlando next time.

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