Why do I feel so guilty?

Whether you are a new mum or pregnant nobody warns you about the feeling of Mum guilt. Now I am going back to work this had hit me harder than ever and it really does bring your mood down. It's pretty shit to be honest and the last week I've been hell to live with... Continue Reading →

Things nobody tells you…

During both pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mum there are various things that nobody tells you. There are also things that you hear countless times and they never actually happen or are just common sense. For example 'get all the sleep you can now, you won't get any when the baby comes' but have... Continue Reading →

Postpartum fitness

So today marks the day that I go the gym and this time I actually mean it! Me and Mum decided to take the plunge and on Black Friday we bought a 12 month gym membership for 5 Bolton gyms. We opted for the gym, swim and classes membership so that we've got a choice... Continue Reading →

Where has 6 months gone?

Last Friday little miss Amelia turned 6 months old. It's flown by which I know everyone says but it really has. I've been only work nearly 7 months and have just 2 months left of my maternity leave. She's nearly mastered sitting up over the last couple of months and she's having a good go... Continue Reading →

What’s in my hospital bag?

I had a love hate relationship with my hospital bag!! I packed it, i unpacked it and then i packed it again and i unpacked it again... that pattern went on for a while... basically until I went in on the Monday with reduced movements and my Mum had to go home for my bag... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Diaries

People told me I would love pregnancy & it would be one of the best times of my life... It was not. There were moments that I loved and feeling bean (as she was known) move about and kick was one of the greatest feelings in the world, hearing her heartbeat, seeing her on scans... Continue Reading →

Two blue lines…

For those who have children you will understand what two blue lines mean, if not let me take you back in time with me... Wednesday 20th September 2016 - I'd been to Bolton Sports Awards the previous Friday and enjoyed a few drinks like we do every year so when I still felt rough nearly... Continue Reading →

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