Disney 2019 – Our Disney haul!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Disney merchandise! I have written about collecting Mickey memories in a previous blog and went to queue up for these a week before my due date with Amelia. You can imagine how much I had to resist spending in Paris when we went! We did however... Continue Reading →

Amelia Ruby’s Christening

On Sunday 30th December myself, Liam, Amelia and our closest friends and family got together to celebrate the Christening of our little princess. When organising the date we didn't know whether we were complete and utters fools having it so close to Christmas or genius? It would seem it was the second option as most... Continue Reading →

Baby classes galore!

I've seen my sister and friends with kids already go to various baby and toddler classes before and since I've had Amelia. Before I'd had Amelia I was lost in a sea of groups and I had no idea which ones to go to, if I went to any at all that is! First of... Continue Reading →

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