Let it go!

Last week we were lucky enough to get some snow or as my niece likes to call it snowman! Well she isn't wrong and both her and Amelia enjoyed some time playing in the snow. We wrapped up warms in our coats, snowsuits, wellies, hats, scarves and gloves and out we went. We did only... Continue Reading →

Amelia Ruby’s Christening

On Sunday 30th December myself, Liam, Amelia and our closest friends and family got together to celebrate the Christening of our little princess. When organising the date we didn't know whether we were complete and utters fools having it so close to Christmas or genius? It would seem it was the second option as most... Continue Reading →

Things nobody tells you…

During both pregnancy, childbirth and being a new mum there are various things that nobody tells you. There are also things that you hear countless times and they never actually happen or are just common sense. For example 'get all the sleep you can now, you won't get any when the baby comes' but have... Continue Reading →

The start of our story

Me and Liam have known each other since we were 14 and went out for the odd week/month from being 14-16. At one point we hated each other and you couldn't even put us in a room together! However whilst preparing for our GCSE's we began to realise how much we did actually like each... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

Every year around the 31st January you will see one status over and over again plastered all over social media... NEW YEAR NEW ME! Well it is a new year but I don't want a new me this year... I am going to make sure I look after the old me and make sure I... Continue Reading →

Christmas crafts!

I love creating stuff and anything art based! Christmas is one of my favourite times of year to be creative and having Amelia has just given me even more excuses to get my arts and crafts out! Firstly we created Christmas cards... I had seen a couple of ideas on the heaven that is PINTEREST!!... Continue Reading →

Mickey Memories Collection

I did it! After 12 months I completed my Mickey Memories collection!! To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday the Disney store decided to release a limited edition collection on the 18th of each month. The collection started with the 1910s and Steamboat Willie and then each month represented a different decade. For each decade there... Continue Reading →

Postpartum fitness

So today marks the day that I go the gym and this time I actually mean it! Me and Mum decided to take the plunge and on Black Friday we bought a 12 month gym membership for 5 Bolton gyms. We opted for the gym, swim and classes membership so that we've got a choice... Continue Reading →

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